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Get Lost

I've found that getting lost is one of the keys to discovery: getting lost in a moment and learning something new about yourself, getting lost in the city and stumbling upon a new restaurant or bookstore you've never heard of, or even getting lost in the back roads of a foreign country and seeing how the locals truly live. Set your sights on a destination, but make sure to get lost on your way. 


Why I'm Writing

In doing research for trips, I have noticed that I spend a lot of time on blogs. What I realized is that I value advice from real people more than tips from articles anonymously written on travel sites. I take vacations to live in the moment, not to write a blog post, but my hope is that my experiences and pointers help you craft your own perfect adventure. Either way, I recommend that you make time during your trip to explore without a plan— Wait to see what you find! 


Morgan Zebley


I am a 25 year-old with a constant longing for adventure. I was born and raised in Michigan, but ventured out east to Washington, DC for college. I swam at The George Washington University, studied geography,  stuck around DC for a job and have been here ever since. 

For those of you who noticed the Biggie lyrics and song titles sprinkled throughout my blog...Yes, my blog theme is slightly inspired by The Notorious BIG playlist that I listen to during my travels.